Bar not only for bankers

During the realization of the bar project in 2016, we wanted to create the First Republic bar with a soul of functionalism. So you will find a door to the bank vault, full of interesting whiskies, a lounge inside the vault and lots of bank boxes. The atmosphere is then completed by a large black-board, on which you will find, in addition to the bar menu, also interesting data about the historical development of stock exchanges.

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The most important selling item in the "only bank you can really like" is a cocktail. Our offer is therefore based on the latest bar trends, which we try to develop ourselves. And so the cocktail menu brings a combination of unusual, yet generally known seasonal and local ingredients.

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Our guests are also very fond of various gift vouchers, which we create according to their specific requirements. Also popular are various corporate parties, bachelor parties, or birthday parties. Smaller groups will certainly welcome the opportunity to sit in the lounge, which will provide them with more privacy.

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Our guests also like to look for places by the windows. The view of the ancient church of St. Haštal completes the atmosphere of the good old days and with a good whisky in a glass will make you forget about the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Our tastings are quite exceptional. Whether it is whisky, gin or various cocktail tastings, it is not always just a matter of consumption, but the guest will also learn a lot of interesting information about the product being tasted.


In order for our services to be of the highest quality, we also focus our team's approach to the guest, the quality of drinks and service and his knowledge. That is why we select each employee very carefully and focus on regular trainings and workshops.