Our company World Consulting, s.r.o. is a classic family business. We have been operating in bar gastronomy since 2007 and we have always focused on the level of service and individual approach to the guest. Our goal is for every guest to have an exceptional experience from us.


We have been operating the popular cocktail bar La Casa de la Havana vieja for more than 15 years, to which we opened a brand new bar in 2017 at the Haštal Hotel, which we named The Banker’s Bar. As the name suggests, the environment of the bar resembles a First Republic bank in a functionalist building style.

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The fact that we really enjoy bar gastronomy is also evidenced by the fact that all members of the family participate in the creation of our development concept. Whether Jakub, who, thanks to his graphic and photographic skills, is in charge of the implementation of marketing activities, 


Lukáš, who is responsible for operating both bars and its gastronomy development,


Majka provides the accounting background and, above all, unites the whole team, and finally Pavel, the imaginary head of the family.